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Focus on what you do best

If you're a small to medium-sized business, we understand it's often a struggle to quickly access resources during peak activity or at the crucial stage of projects. Unisource enables you to do just that with access to an otherwise unavailable resource!

Seek advice

Talented students and academics can share their expertise, gifts and fresh insights in a cost-effective way. See our FAQs

Stay focused

Unisource allows SME business owners to stay focused on growing their business by outsourcing tasks to people at the forefront of learning.

Advertise easily

It’s really easy for companies to advertise a task and be notified when a potential student bids. Simply create your company profile and after verification, you can get posting!

Our four-step processIt’s easy for businesses to start connecting with our four-step process:

1 Register

Register and create a post requesting a service

2 Browse

Receive proposals through our notification service

3 Select

Review proposals and select from bids received

4 Connect

Communicate with students and start benefiting from their knowledge

Speedy access to fresh skills

Among other skills, Businesses need savvy people with skills in social media marketing, graphic design, market research and focus groups, events, database management, data processing or recruitment and training.

Flexibility and feedback

A business can accept one or multiple proposals for the same request. Reviews can be left by either party when the task has been completed.

Save time

By connecting you directly with academics, Unisource streamlines the process and reduces the time and cost it takes to source support for tasks.

Short and long-term benefits

This free resource allows quick access to fresh talent, happy to work remotely, and the ability to network with potential future employees in the process.

Culture shift

With 47%* of businesses using part-timers or freelancers in their business in the last year, this signifies increasing recognition of the benefits of more agile resourcing for projects and tasks. We protect business confidentiality by removing company names from posts to avoid competitors seeing your tasks.

Organisations we are working with

Our independent researchers found …

  • 26%

    of business owners spent time doing tasks that didn’t directly relate to growing their company.

  • 10%

    said they spend 70% or more of their time doing menial and administerial tasks.

The Unisource platform can give precious time back to enable organisations to focus on tasks 
that can actually help to grow business, rather than doing tasks which can be outsourced to third parties for a fraction of the cost.

The Graduate Recruitment Bureau found that employees who recruit less than 15 graduates typically spend £5,263 per hire.

Unisource gives businesses free access to, and experience of, graduates before they leave university. This can create valuable relationships and cut future recruitment costs. What’s more, Unisource graduates will already know your business.

Employers can improve their reputation by providing real-life work experiences that achieve high employability outcomes.

Factors that make the work experience valuable include the authenticity of the work completed, preparation for placement both academically and personally, debrief after placement that focuses on learning, supervision and focus on the integration of theory and practice.

*Research conducted with 250 SMEs (five employees or less) in manufacturing, retail and leisure Dec 2019.

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