How to write a job post on Unisource

If you're ready to start posting tasks, we've made it as simple as possible

Unisource has been developed to help any organisation looking to benefit from quick and easy access to talented university student resources. It enables business owners to widen their pool of external resources, who can offer support by completing key tasks.

If you’ve just registered, congratulations! You can now start creating task posts. We’ve made the process as simple as possible, starting by gathering basic information, including: service required, post title, budget, location (students are most likely to work remotely), start and end date. You can then create a full description of the task. Here is our advice on getting your job post right:

1. Keep your post concise explain your expectations clearly and succinctly.

2. Summarise what success looks like – this will help reduce any confusion and let the student know exactly what’s expected of them by outlining required deliverables and measurable goals.

3. Identify timescales – if you have a specific deadline, please make this clear as the student will need to check it fits within their schedule.

4. Explain what they will learn – use the post to highlight the experience they’ll gain by working with your organisation on tasks.

5. Identify soft skills required – it may be that the university students have little or no real-life work experience, but they will have developed a set of softer skills that greatly benefit your business, such as: empathy, teamwork, good time management, strong work ethic, leadership or critical thinking.

6. Reflect your company culture – this will help students identify if the fit is right for them. Add any relevant links to your company website pages.

7. Embrace diversity – as with any resourcing, use neutral, inclusive vocabulary that doesn’t exclude anybody.

8. Avoid buzzwords – university students may not know some of the frequently used business abbreviations or buzzwords, so keep any pivoting, synergy, CSR, ducks in a row, low hanging fruit or CRM for the boardroom!

If you have already registered all you need to do next is click ‘Create new post’ and wait for the Unisource students to submit their bids. If you haven’t registered please click here to get started.

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