How to create a winning profile on Unisource

Your profile allows you to sell yourself to prospective organisations

Once you have registered with Unisource, it’s time to create your profile. This is really important as it verifies your areas of expertise and allows you to sell yourself to prospective organisations.

Many of you will already have created a profile online for social media, so we’ve kept the process similar to ensure it’s quick and simple. To get you all set up to start bidding for tasks, we first gather basic contact details. We’ll need your university email address, rather than a private one. Next we ask you to identify your skills, current course and the services you offer eg, social media, marketing or research.

Then we get to the most important area-your profile–where you can really stand out by clearly highlighting your key skills, expertise and areas of interest. Any business that has posted a task and is reviewing bids will use this information, alongside your suggested price range, to select the winning bid… so don’t be shy!

Think about what your key selling points are and what makes you different. Elements to cover could include:

1. Previous work experience
2. Your degree specialism or area of expertise
3. Characteristics that you think are relevant to the services you offer
4. Your biggest achievement so far and/or awards
5. Your wider skill-set and relevant interests

Finally, all you have to do is add a profile picture that looks professional and your CV, if available.

Now you’re all ready to start browsing tasks. We wish you the best of luck!

If you have any issues or questions, please email us at

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