Why use Unisource?

It’s insanely easy
to get started

Whether you're a business or a university student, all you need to do to get started is register. Once verified, simply post your task, or search for tasks. Unisource doesn't charge fees, membership or commission to use our service! Businesses simply pay students for completed tasks directly.

Make connections

Unisource helps growing businesses and university students (either Undergraduate, Masters, Doctorate and PhD students) to connect and work together on tasks.

Enjoy flexible working

Task-based assignments allow students to work remotely at times that suit them and helps business owners access talented resources when they need it.

Great work experience

University students gain a competitive advantage by completing many tasks at their own pace while studying.

Focus on business growth

With easy access to talent, small and medium-sized businesses can focus on growth. This means they can work on building their business, rather than in their business.

Our four-step process It’s easy for businesses and university students to start
connecting with our four-step process:

1 Register

Businesses and students register and complete a company or skills profile.

2 Post or browse

Once verified, businesses post a task and students can browse tasks related to their skills.

3 Bid or Select

Students bid for a task and businesses accept a bid or multiple bids for larger tasks.


Both parties can connect in our messaging centre and contact details are revealed.

Tapping into the next generation of talent

We’re dedicated to matching businesses with university resources and providing opportunities to connect. Research* found that 86% of SMEs either strongly agree or agree that: 'providing university students with an opportunity to gain work experience is something I would support'.
Research by* KAM Media May 2020.

Kickstarting growth

Dynamic but leanly resourced businesses need talent and know-how to kick-start and maintain their growth. Unisource allows companies to access valuable support and advice, without the cost of professional consultants.

Improving employability

Highly capable and skilled students need work experience and contacts to ensure employment. Starting out on a career path is tough and Unisource gives undergraduates a competitive advantage.

Talent and potential

Our aim is to connect businesses with university student to realize the potential and nurture the talent.

A positive initiative

We interviewed business owners and 97% believe that Unisource is a positive initiative.

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